Anime-style portrait generator (DC-GAN)

Anime-style portrait generator

Anime-style portrait generator (DC-GAN)
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado / Unsplash

GitHub repo:

Dataset: Anime GAN Lite | Kaggle

I manually delete the desktop.ini file

this project is a simple implementation of DC-GAN to generate pictures by random noise.

Sample outputs


How to use this model

  1. configure the model you want to use in the
  2. run Ā or python in the terminal

How to train your own model

  1. put the dataset you wish to generate under ./data folder.
  2. configure the change the argument --dataset to your own dataset path
  3. run or python in the terminal
:warning:Note: since normalization operation included, the color style between generate pic and original pic may not same.

Knowing issues

  • The output of the discriminator can be optimized, which may improve the network's performance
  • It still has mode collapse problems in a given model. I will fix it later.